Airbus 320 series

Online Performance

We offer our renowned performance calculation features for the A320 series. Our state-of-the-art W&B module is used by several A320 operators. The pilot-friendly user interface will enhance your standard operating procedures and also improve efficiency and punctuality to the next level.

Some of the features on our A320 product

Online takeoff performance calculations

Integrated MEL/CDL configurations

A fully integrated W&B module

What makes us unique?

Some fundamental key differences from our competitors 

In-house developed iOS Fortran SCAP compiler 

Multiple fleet in the same app solution

Customisable user interface

Redundancy offered through our web UI using DS Pocket

A320 cockpit

We offer 1st principle calculations across our Performance solution lineup. Operators are able to refine algorithms, such as V2, flap optimisation and much more. Our dedicated Team of performance engineers are able to assist in any alteration of algorithms or calculation logic. The integration to the DS W&B module increases flight safety and punctuality with various performance verifiers incorporated along with the ability to sign the loadsheet with CAA approved biometrical means.  

We take pride in our revolutionary milestones in modernising aircraft performance solutions for Apple iPad EFB (Portable/Class 2 Type B).


Meteorological conditions

The ability to auto-populate wind, pressure and temperature from METAR

Weight & Balance

The ability to fully integrate DS Performance and W&B modules

Airport / Obstacle database

The ability to import airport / obstacle databases from any vendor

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