DS Weight & Balance

Our industry-leading EFB W&B software is recognised by operators worldwide. It is part of the next-generation suite of apps for pilots, load-masters and flight operations engineers.

Some of the DS W&B highlights

Intuitive user interface with industry-leading clarity

Crew devices connected and synchronised for closed-loop operation

Crew sign the loadsheet using secure and CAA approved biometrical means

NOTOC displayed and applicable drill codes parsed out

Other highlights:

A unique and complete Weight & Balance system

AHM 565 import function with sanity checks

Connects to legacy systems, such as: Altéa, Lido, etc

Access all logs stored in our Cloud using JAWS

Crew sign for loadsheet and NOTOC simultaneously 

airplane cabin

Calculating the balance and trim of an aircraft is amongst other parameters a vital and critical exercise. The reliability and modern design of DS W&B speaks for itself. DynamicSource has been developing weight and balance solutions since 2009 and major refinements have been made throughout the years. Most of our customers have DS W&B integrated to the DS Performance module leading to a major increase in flight safety but also to an improved operational efficiency. DS W&B can also be used as a standalone module.

Notification to Captain

NOTOC displayed and confirmed within our solution. Drill codes are parsed out from NOTOC and easily available by the crew throughout the flight

User interface

Our user interface offers clarity and includes a balance sheet envelope instantly generated upon making entries to the system


A full integration to DS Performance module increasing flight safety and improving operational efficiency

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