DS Flight Tools

DS Flight Tools is a separate section within the application where it is possible to create your own custom tool.

Various powerful tools are already available at the tip of your finger, and with our powerful systems we can assist you in creating yours also.

DS Flight Tools currently consists of

Altitude Temperature Correction

De-/Anti Icing Holdover Calculator

Crosswind Calculator

Optimum Level Calculator

Additional features

Integrate to any 3rd party API for e.g. weather forecasts etc

Configurable to your needs

Easily update to the latest HOT guideline revision

Get accurate x-wind components at all times

Critical altitudes corrected for cold temperatures

Given our surroundings, we have years of experience of cold weather operation. We have translated this expertise and understanding into the creation of DS Flight Tools.

With DS Flight Tools you will be able to quickly substitute Holdover Time tables while also increasing flight safety by calculating Cold Temperature Altitude corrections with a few taps on the screen.

The ultimate tool box

DS Flight Tools acts as the much needed supplement to our flagship modules

Increased safety

Allow pilots to prioritise fundamental tasks and let DS Flight Tools calculate the rest

User friendliness

Our UI is designed with intuitive functionality to the extent that it virtually becomes unambiguous 

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