Joint Aero Web Systems

JAWS is our powerful centralised back-end system that connects and powers all of our products.

JAWS, being the central brain for all our products, has been carefully refined since 2009. The versatility has been the key during the development and it is continuously evolving. Our SaaS services are deployed in the AWS Cloud infrastructure and gives us high performance and availability of all our services.


Feature overview

The gateway to the operator's legacy systems

Development, test and production environments

Hosted within AWS Cloud infrastructure

Aviation grade security deployment

Active Directory integration

Powerful configurations

Using JAWS, you can configure:

Fleet properties

Aircraft performance data

Weight and balance data

Station data (airport briefs)

and much more

source code

JAWS will be the home to the administrative personnel of the flight operations department. All our products are administered through this central system and large parts of the functionalities are automised, such as import of AODB, live METAR/TAF feeds and much more. Being deployed to the cloud environment of AWS ensures an unmatched stability and furthermore backups are done at a constant frequency. The development, test and production environments are hosted in JAWS and full redundancy is always offered, particularly to the production environment.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary

Aviation grade security

We have developed secure aviation systems for over a decade and are up-to-date with applicable security risks

Company wide use

Integration with Active Directory and custom user groups allow the entire company to use JAWS

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