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Our expertise lies in developing aviation systems

Below is a selection of DynamicSource developed solutions

DS Performance

Optimised offline SCAP based takeoff calculations

Optimised offline SCAP based landing calculations (in-flight/enroute and dispatch)

Fastest calculations available

Manipulate critical parameters according to NOTAMs

DS Flight Tools

The must have supplement module that includes the necessary flight tools to ultimately reduce pilot workload

Altitude Temperature Correction tool

De-/Anti Icing Holdover Calculator

Wind Calculator

Optimum Level Calculator

DS StationInfo

Ensure that personnel is well informed of all stations

Universal use at the airline

DS Weight & Balance

Push load data from 3rd party vendors (API)

Intuitive user interface with industry-leading clarity

Crew sign the loadsheet using biometrical means

Devices connected and synchronised

DS Pocket

Our versatile web solution for aircraft performance

Identical renowned back-end technology as for DS Performance


JAWS (Joint Aero Web Systems)

Our powerful centralised back-end system that connects and powers all of our products

The gateway to the operator's legacy systems

Hosted within AWS Cloud infrastructure

Aviation grade security deployment

The perfect combination

Our top-class team consists of pilots, developers, engineers and business developers

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We constantly update our products to match the power of the operating system

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Non-civilian operation?

Our products are fully compatible with non-civilian entities

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