DS StationInfo

Universal use for airlines

Airline route networks are many times large and dynamically flexible to cater for the commercial effects. This leads to the need for an all-purpose database with company wide access for the purposes of station specific updates. DynamicSource have developed the ideal solution for use by all applicable departments of an operator where specific station updates are maintained and pushed to the crew devices and/or other legacy systems. A perfect tool for Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Technical Operations and/or any other department in need of station specific briefings

Versatility at its best

Dedicated sections editable by associated personnel

Functional on handheld devices and desktops

Graphically display the ATS route, increasing the situational awareness for flight crews

Fully compatible with aviation compliance audits

Receive feedback from authorised user groups

Export station data to your flight planning system

Some of the functionality

REST API-interface for data export/import

Integrate to any external legacy system

Export data in any format

Active Directory support

Hosted in the Cloud or On-premise

Full status overview of all airline stations

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Eliminate outdated documents

Streamline revision management of documents

Map view

Map functionality displaying all airline stations. ATS route displayed for situational awareness


Keep your staff up-to-date at the tip of their fingers

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