Product Portfolio


Our product has received acceptance by Performance engineers and is since 25th of March 2013 fully approved to be used on an iPad Class 2 Type B EFB by the Swedish CAA.

The validation of the product is mainly done in two steps.

Step 1

Validation of the MM FORTRAN compliant module as a library

  • 1) We use the supplied test-program*, or
  • 2) create our own test-program*

*The test program is made runnable on the iPad, so that the input, and output are all done on the actual device itself. The files are then exported from the device for validation.

Step 2

Validation of the GUI

  • 1) To validate the single-point calculations done by the GUI, we present an output of all input/output variables directly on the device, as well as sending a complete log-file to a server back-end.