EFB Performance, powered by DynamicSource

DynamicSource Performance is the next generation suite of applications for pilots, dispatchers and flight operations engineers for takeoff, dispatch landing and time of arrival landing aircraft performance calculations.

A unique and complete aircraft performance solution

  • Optimized off-line SCAP based performance calculations during all phases of flight for all aircraft types
  • Maximized payload and decreased fuel usage
  • Save critical time and improve operational efficiency
  • Fully customizable applications
  • Interface with legacy systems

DynamicSource Performance for EFB’s

The EFB application allows an operator to generate performance calculations shortly before take-off. The flight crew can incorporate last minute changes to any aspects of the calculations making our tool a trustworthy tool to make accurate decisions within seconds.

Characterized by a user-friendly user interface the relevant data, such as aircraft weight, wind and runway conditions, is entered into the software tool . In seconds, the take-off and landing data, like limiting weights and speeds, is presented to the pilot.

Running FORTRAN on iOS

The iPad, when first introduced, was regarded as a static device in relation to its function within aviation. However, the intellectual creativity behind DynamicSource Performance has changed the iPad from a static instrument to an active business and decision making tool – increasing safety and operational efficiency within the civil airline community.

Using the FORTRAN compiler for iOS specially developed by DynamicSource we are able to provide an offline native iOS application which enables airlines to run calculations using the Aircraft Manufacturers FORTRAN SCAP modules.

DynamicSource Performance for Dispatchers

Dispatchers can perform calculations using either  the performance API connected to a flight planning solution or by using our web interface.

DynamicSource Performance for Flight Operations

JAWS, a web-based administration tool, provides flight operations with the ability to configure and maintain the complete performance solution.

  • Aircraft fleet
  • Aircraft Configuration
  • Updating of the Airport and Obstacle database
  • Viewing calculation logs
  • Creating statistics reports from calculation logs
  • Tracking users


Since  March 2013 our product has been fully approved for use on an iPad Class 2 Type B EFB by the Swedish CAA.

The validation of the product is mainly done in two steps.

  • Validation of the FORTRAN compliant module as a library
    • We use the supplied test-program*, or
    • create our own test-program*

*The test program is made runnable on the iPad, so that the input, and output are all done on the actual device itself. The files are then exported from the device for validation.

  • Validation of the GUI
    • To validate the single-point calculations done by the GUI, we present an output of all input/output variables directly on the device, as well as sending a complete log-file to a server back-end.
  • Validation of the data
    • Admin testing functionality has been build into the application to allow quick and easy validation of the data outputs. This means faster implementation and a low workload for each new version.