OBES -OnBoard EFB Server

Adaptable Software for your choice of hardware

What is the OBES

  • Dynamic and adaptable software created by you or your developer of choice using well recognised standards
  • COTS hardware – runs on any Linux boards/computers
  • Same certification process as an EFB tablet
  • New hardware gets released all the time
  • Secure for all types of cyber attacks
  • EFB application integration

How can it be used

  • Aircraft Performance
  • Tech-log (A/C bound)
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Mass storage
  • On Board (editable) documents
  • FlightBriefing / JourneyLog
  • FlightDeck & Cabin interaction

Aircraft Performance using the OBES

Optimized offline SCAP based performance calculations during all phases of flight for all aircraft types