Now Hiring – Software Developer

DynamicSource has been developing flight critical systems for airlines since 2009.
Our software is found in the cockpit and operations offices of many major airlines worldwide. Our knowledgeable staff consists of airline pilots, performance engineers, software developers and business developers. We are now looking for a new star in our team to help us fly higher.

Your job:
– iOS app and backend systems development in various software languages
– Designing, prototyping and implementing new features in an existing code base
– Organise and prioritize your tasks to meet deadlines
– Work remotely with minimal supervision
– Full lifecycle application development
– Software testing and quality assurance
– Support, maintain and document software functionality
– Flexibility to adapt and be responsive to customer driven change requirements
– Integrate software with existing systems
– Identify, evaluate and implement new technologies
– Continuous performance tuning, optimization and improvement of the existing code base

You are a passionate and highly skilled software developer that will design, develop, test, support and install software solutions mainly for the aviation industry. You have experience in building secure, high-quality and innovative software in compliance with coding standards and technical design. Our experienced group of developers will make sure to give you a flying start towards your exciting missions.