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``DynamicSource started in the aviation industry by being first``

The company was founded by people who themselves work in the aviation industry both on the flight deck and in the back office. With the help of a team of talented engineers and programmers they challenged an otherwise conservative industry with innovative and modern solutions.

When the iPad was introduced by Apple in 2010 the aviation industry immediately saw the possibilities of using it as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). However, it was a long and difficult journey before it became one the most popular tools used by pilots. With the help of the team at DynamicSource a Swedish Airline was the first airline in the world to get the iPad approved as a Class 2 Type B EFB. In conjunction DynamicSource developed the first iOS terminal chart reader to be approved for use during critical phases of flight.

Still… there was an important ingredient missing from transforming the iPad from a static EFB tool to a fully dynamic and flexible tool that even pilots would look up to.

Aircraft Performance.

The IATA SCAP (Standard Computerised Aeroplane Performance) specification which is used for Aircraft Performance computation is standard written for FORTRAN, which is a programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing. The problem is that it was originally developed by IBM in the 1950s and no one knew how to run it on iOS (the operating system for the iPad). With the genius of DynamicSource that  problem was solved and there was no more obvious problems for the iPad to be fully adapted within the aviation industry.

The interest and recognition from airlines and aircraft manufacturers grew and over the coming years DynamicSource presented its innovative solutions at a number of industry events. Demands grew as well, and today DynamicSource offers a suite of EFB, back-office applications and software solutions tailored for the aviation industry.

With the unique experience that DynamicSource has and by working very closely with customers our software is in a league of it’s own.

Made by pilots for pilots. Made by flight operations for flight operations. Made by the aviation industry, for the aviation industry.

Worlds First Approved iPad Class 2 EFB (Used during critical phases of flight)
Worlds first and only FORTRAN iOS SCAP running on the iPad
Worlds first iPad EFB Type B approved iOS terminal chart reader